Idaho Judicial Council

      The Idaho Judicial Council is empowered by statute to nominate to the Governor persons for appointments to vacancies in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and district courts. It may make recommendations to the Supreme Court for the removal, discipline and retirement of judicial officers. It is comprised of seven members. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who is chairman, a district court judge and two lawyers appointed by the governing board of the Idaho bar with the consent of the state senate and three non-attorney members appointed by the Governor with the consent of the senate. Sitting in its disciplinary capacity, the Council may investigate complaints against justices, court of appeals judges or judges of the district courts or magistrate divisions, and members of the Industrial Commission, and in appropriate cases it may recommend to the Supreme Court the removal, discipline or retirement of a justice, judge, or magistrate judge. The present members are:

Hon. Chief Justice G. Richard Bevan


Ex-Officio Chairman

J. Philip Reberger



Elizabeth S. Chavez



Kathy Simpson

Idaho Falls


R. Bruce Owens


Hon. Jeff Brudie



Michelle R. Points


Hon. Thomas W. Clark


Adjunct Member

Additional Information:

David W. Cantrill
Executive Director
P.O. Box 1397
Boise, Idaho 83701
Phone: (208) 334-5213    Fax: (208) 334-2253

  Idaho Judicial Council 

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